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Photovoltaic engineering

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Photovoltaic engineering since 1994

Cythelia provides photovoltaic engineering expertise to public and private clients when implementing their PV facility projects:

Front-end engineering design

Technical construction studies

Assessment validation

Authoring of specifications and contract support

Project progress tracking

Work acceptance

Our photovoltaic engineering department is an experienced project leader, regardless of size or type:

Rooftop and ground-mounted photovoltaic projects, with or without trackers

Photovoltaic projects from a few dozens of kWp to 50 MWp

Photovoltaic projects in France and abroad (Europe, Africa and South America)

Examples of projects led by the photovoltaic engineering department

  • AMO-eaudeparis
    Type of mission : Project management
    Energy: Solar photovoltaic
    Power: 530 kWp
    Customer: Eau de Paris
    Country: France
    Description: 10 industrial sites
  • 61
    Type of mission: Project management
    Energy: Solar photovoltaic
    Power: 450 kWp
    Customer: Centre Regional Council
    Country: France
    Description: Self-consumption installations for 20 high schools
  • AMO-Slovaquie
    Type of mission: Project management
    Energy: Solar photovoltaic
    Power: 10 MWp
    Customer: SUNEOL Slovakia
    Country: Slovakia
    Description: Seven ground-mounted photovoltaic power plants
    - Engineering of the projet: sizing and optimisation, plans, schematics, drawings, calculation notes
    - Works follow-up
    - Commissionning of the plants
    - Monitoring of the performance during one year after commisioning
  • MO-bbc-solar-pv-toiture-terrasse
    Type of mission: Project management
    Energy: Solar photovoltaic
    Power: 200 kWp
    Customer: BBC Solar
    Country: France
    Description: Rooftop installation for a shopping mall (four buildings)
  • 72
    Type of mission: Project management
    Energy: Solar photovoltaic
    Power: 90 KWp
    Customer: SCIC-AS ENER'GUIL
    Country: France
    Description: Village power station for the Queyras Regional Nature Park (10 buildings)
  • 79
    Type of mission: Technical support
    Energy: Solar photovoltaic
    Power: 1.2 MWp
    Customer: Vaucluse Departmental Council
    Country: France
    Description: Construction of photovoltaic installations at eight high schools in the Vaucluse department
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