Cythelia documentation

Feel free to peruse the range of courses and overviews available from Cythelia.
Cythelia has produced these documents according to the terms of the Creative Commons Licence BY – NonCommercial – NoDerivatives 2.0 France.


> Solar resources (FR)
Overview of solar resources

> Photovoltaic electricity (FR)
Overview of photovoltaic electricity

> Photovoltaic inverters: solar resources, cells, modules and module fields (FR)
Overview of photovoltaic inverters

> Photovoltaic systems (FR)
Overview of photovoltaic systems


> Renewable energy challenges(FR)
Overview of the challenges and status of renewable energies in Europe

> Nuclear power and renewables – Response from Alain Ricaud to Jean-Marc Jancovici (FR)
An analysis of nuclear power production and a comparison of the importance of renewable energies and nuclear power in the future


> Guide to the « 2012 Thermal Building Regulations » – written by Cythelia and published by WEKA (FR)
Cythelia has produced a paperback guide aimed at demystifying the 2012 Thermal Building Regulations for local authorities. The guide was published mid-June 2012.

> AEDOMIA system (FR)
This article was prepared for the CVC journal and focused on the AEDOMIA system resulting from the PACairPV research program. The system was integrated as a prototype into the Zero Energy Net (ZEN) building project.

> Article about the Zero Energy Net (ZEN) building (FR)
Article about the Zero Energy Net (ZEN) building published in the 3EI review.