Photovoltaic glare studies

Analyze your glare risks

Photovoltaic glare (or glint) studies - strengths

Clear and explicit rendering of a glare (or glint) study using a software program pioneered by Cythelia and based on rendering in Google SketchUp makes the study easier to examine.

Cythelia has set the gold standard in the sector by producing studies of superior quality. Our design reports and methods are endorsed by France’s civil aviation authority (DGAC).

Photovoltaic glare (or glint) studies - for operators and developers

Photovoltaic power stations are the ideal solution for making effective use of the wasteland surrounding airports. New regulations were enacted in 2010 to analyze the possible problems associated with the glint from photovoltaic modules and the potential glare that could affect pilots.

Photovoltaic glare (or glint) studies - procedure

Calculated path of the reflected rays (model geolocation, 3D modeling of rays, etc.)
Evaluation of the risk of intercepting rays in the area covered by the study
Luminance calculation
Inspection to ensure conformity with regulations (DGAC technical advisory)

Photovoltaic glare (or glint) studies - special case of trackers

Cythelia is working alongside France’s civil aviation authority in preparing a new technical advisory for incorporating trackers. Depending on the type of tracker used (east-west or dual axis), we can gear our study towards the specific characteristics of your facility.

Sample glare studies

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