Although energy production and energy use were clearly separate issues just a few years ago, they are now converging, hence the importance of developing smart grids and self-consumption.


We have spent several years developing expertise in smart grids and self-consumption. Energy production and energy control have always been our core business. Our research center conceives innovative solutions, and our engineering consultancy department assists clients with developing their projects.

Self-consumption using renewable energy is already the norm in Germany. In France, we are taking part in the first large-scale projects, including the construction of 20 standalone power systems for high schools in the Centre region.

We are also working on the development of smart hybrid grids that are capable of integrating the electricity produced from conventional and renewable energy sources and storage, especially in the Global South.

Sample projects - smart grids and self-consumption

  • 69
    Type of mission: Feasibility study
    Customer: Plaine Commune municipal association
    Country: France
    Description: Feasibility of an eco-district smart grid
  • 61
    Type of mission: Project management
    Energy: Solar photovoltaic
    Power: 450 kWp
    Customer: Centre Regional Council
    Country: France
    Description: Self-consumption installations for 20 high schools
  • assistance-technique-burkina-faso
    Type of mission: Project management
    Energy: Solar photovoltaic
    Power: 3.7 MWp
    Customer: AFD
    Country: Burkina Faso
    Description: Eight grid-tied ground-mounted power stations and hybrid (PV-generator) over a mini-grid
    - sites analysis
    - sizing of Hybrid PV Power plants, including diesel generators and storage
    - economics of the projects
    - preparation of the draft of terms of reference for the recruitment of EPCs
  • 77
    Type of mission: Feasibility study - Smart grid
    Energy : Solar photovoltaic
    Customer: City of Besançon
    Country: France
    Description: Self-consumption feasibility study for five buildings, including energy control
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