Our partners

Our ecosystem of synergistic companies

As part of our aim to provide a solution to our customers’ wide range of requirements, Cythelia has forged a tight-knit ecosystem of business partners who have all carved a reputation as experts in their respective fields:

Architects and land planners

Legal experts

Specialized engineering firms: structural design, civil engineering, heating networks, environmental design, etc.

Project funding organizations

Partners for driving innovation

Cythelia’s research center masterminds software and hardware solutions to address the different challenges inherent in energy transition.
More information about our research center

Active participation in corporate networks

Cythelia is actively involved in competitive clusters, business clusters and trade associations.


VIZEN: the international market firmly in its sights

vizenCythelia is the co-founder of the VIZEN economic interest group, which works to promote the international development of construction projects featuring groundbreaking architectural and energy designs.

In particular, VIZEN is leading a project to build an innovative demonstration hub, called « INNOSFAX », at the site of the Sfax technology center in Tunisia.