Energy yield assessment

Accurately evaluate your power plant's production
Energy yield assessments are used to determine the energy potentially produced by a planned PV power station and have a direct impact on its projected bottom line.

In today’s world, calculating the expected average energy yield (P50) is insufficient, so we instead calculate P90 probability values (or P75 / P80 if required) so that organizations bankrolling solar projects can accurately determine the level of risk.

Our expertise ensures the highest level of accuracy at every stage in the calculation process:

Solar resources: Cythelia’s research center has spent many years working on this particular topic, and we select our weather data sources according to their relevance for each location. Choosing the right weather data is especially important when calculating P90 probability values.

Production calculation: Cythelia’s research center has developed Archelios PRO, which is considered to be the world’s most accurate software for calculating energy yield*. We are experts in photovoltaic modeling, including parameter settings and laws of variability. Such expertise is essential when calculating a realistic P90 probability value.
(*) Among professional software suites, according to a survey by Photon International and research by IJEEE.

Cythelia’s expertise is recognized by a number of developers, bankers and insurance companies, for whom we also carry out independent energy yield assessments to substantiate third-party studies.

Energy yield assessments are performed in most of our feasibility studies, project management services and audits/due diligence. Specific examples are provided below.

Examples of energy yield assessments

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