Carbon footprint auditor

Evaluate and minimize your greenhouse gas emissions

Carbon footprint auditor since 2002

We have been actively involved in the carbon footprint methodology pioneered by ADEME since the scheme’s experimental development stages by becoming an accredited auditor in 2002. Over the years, our company has conducted carbon footprint audits in major corporations and helped develop and fine-tune the methodology for local authorities.

The carbon footprint audit: a versatile tool

We believe that carbon footprint audits are more than just a simple troubleshooting tool and are instead an effective solution for:

Improving the information management system: if it has not already done so, this tool helps establish procedures for effectively collecting, compiling and analyzing the data required for carrying out and monitoring carbon footprint audits (e.g. installing submeters and databases for tracking energy use, visitor flows, commuting surveys, databases of incoming materials and shipments, etc.).

Supporting the strategic decision-making process: the results of a carbon footprint audit should help identify potential risks, whether environmental or financial, and therefore guide organizations or authorities in taking decisions with a long-term commitment.

Managing change: disseminating details about the carbon footprint audit and its results within the organization will help customers initiate the changes arising from each stage of the audit.

Cythelia can leverage its expertise in renewable energies and energy control to deliver tangible strategies for reducing the carbon footprint and offer solutions geared towards its customers’ specific needs.

Photovoltaics expert Cythelia has become a leading consultant for conducting carbon footprint audits and lifecycle analyses (LCA) on photovoltaic modules and installations.

Examples of carbon footprint audits

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