Feasibility studies

Determine your project's relevance
We work on property and land assets to create a hierarchical list of buildings and land according to their technical and economic potential.

In case of buildings and land with the greatest potential, we carry out complete feasibility studies to support the decision-making process.

We can draw on our long and extensive track record in performing studies to effectively assist our customers in every aspect of a project, whether technical, legal, statutory, economic or financial.

Sample feasibility studies

  • 62
    Type of mission: Opportunity study
    Energy: Solar photovoltaic
    Customer: Centre Regional Council
    Country: France
    Description: All public high schools (109 establishments) with a self-consumption study
  • 70-2
    Type of mission: Feasibility study
    Energy: Solar photovoltaic
    Power: 18 MWp
    Customer: Industrial (confidential)
    Country: Tunisia
    Description: Ground-mounted self-consumption photovoltaic power plant for a factory
    - Power need evaluation
    - Site selection
    - Plant sizing
    - Economics of the project
  • 67
    Type of mission: Feasibility study
    Energy: Multiple renewable energies
    Customer: Confidential
    Country: World
    Description: Renewable energy power supply for 20 cement plants in Europe, Africa, Asia, Latin America and USA
  • assistance-technique-burkina-faso
    Type of mission: Project management
    Energy: Solar photovoltaic
    Power: 3.7 MWp
    Customer: AFD
    Country: Burkina Faso
    Description: Eight grid-tied ground-mounted power stations and hybrid (PV-generator) over a mini-grid
    - sites analysis
    - sizing of Hybrid PV Power plants, including diesel generators and storage
    - economics of the projects
    - preparation of the draft of terms of reference for the recruitment of EPCs
  • 77
    Type of mission: Feasibility study - Smart grid
    Energy : Solar photovoltaic
    Customer: City of Besançon
    Country: France
    Description: Self-consumption feasibility study for five buildings, including energy control
  • 66
    Type of mission: Feasibility study
    Energy: Multiple renewable energies
    Customer: Fermes des Portes du Sahara power station
    Country: Morocco
    Description: Comparative study for incorporating renewable energies into greenhouses (15 acres): solar thermal, PV, CSP, wind power, heat pump
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