Dynamic thermal simulation (DTS)

Create an accurate model of your buildings' behavior and take the right action

Dynamic thermal simulation (DTS)

Dynamic thermal simulation (DTS) uses a 3D model of a building to simulate its thermal behavior hour by hour. This technology takes into account:

The building’s inertia: this parameter is especially important if the building is used intermittently and for comfort during the summer months.

Occupants’ behavior: the presence of occupants is simulated hour by hour, which is particularly important for meeting rooms and classrooms.

Solar energy contribution, which may be very high for buildings with large glazed surfaces (positive effect in winter and negative in summer).

In particular, dynamic thermal simulation (DTS) can be used to model the level of summer comfort; it is becoming increasingly important to take this parameter into account, since buildings are well insulated (2012 Building Energy Efficiency Standards) and heatwaves are becoming more commonplace (climate change).

Simulation Thermique Dynamique - STD - reduit

Use of dynamic thermal simulation (DTS) in projects

Cythelia always carries out dynamic thermal simulation modelling during building energy audits and during the design phase for refurbishments and new energy-efficient buildings.

Examples of energy audits with DTS

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