Solar cadastre

Urban-scale solar surveys

Solar cadastre

Several local authorities are currently creating 3D models of their land. Using the algorithms developed for the ARCHELIOS® software, we can produce a large-scale model of the amount of sun irradiation to which building walls and roofs are exposed.

This model can be used to generate a solar cadastre, which can then be incorporated into the local authority’s geographic information system (GIS) and/or uploaded to its website.

Determining the solar energy potential: global contribution, potential contribution for façade doors, windows, etc.

Detecting « sunless » zones

Smart grid: calculation of the electricity use covered by the potential PV energy and improved performance through storage (buildings or hubs)

Technical aspects of the solar cadastre

Solar cadastre takes account of roof and wall orientation and pitch. Calculations are based on the algorithms in the ARCHELIOS® software.

Solar cadastre automatically factors in the shade caused by the terrain, known as the horizon line (hills, mountains, etc.), based on topographical data from NASA.

Solar cadastre also takes account of the near shading (other buildings) based on a 3D model.

Examples of solar cadastre

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