Our certifications

OPQIBI has awarded Cythelia the following qualifications based on a successful examination of its human and material resources and its references:

1905 qualification: Building energy audits
2011 qualification: Analysis of production facilities using photovoltaics
2015 qualification: Engineering for solar facilities using photovoltaics

The company achieved the RGE rating (acknowledged environmental performance) for these three qualifications.

Furthermore, OPQIBI has recognized the expertise of Cythelia’s Director. He qualified as an instructor for the three qualifications above and therefore examines applications from engineering and consulting firms.

Cythelia has been awarded the PROMOTELEC hallmark for its expertise in sustainable refurbishments.

Carbon footprint auditing
Cythelia has been actively involved in the carbon footprint methodology pioneered by ADEME since the scheme’s experimental development stages by becoming an accredited auditor in 2002. Over the years, our company has conducted several carbon footprint audits in major corporations and helped develop and fine-tune the methodology for local authorities.

Research & Development Tax Credit accreditation
Cythelia is accredited by the Ministry of Education, Higher Education and Research, meaning that any research projects for which you enlist our expertise are eligible for the Research & Development Tax Credit scheme.

Training organization
Cythelia is a registered training organization. This means that the courses delivered by Cythelia may be subsidized by OPCA*.

(*) Training fund collection organization.