Photovoltaic audits
Due Diligence

Check your facility's performance
Cythelia brings its expertise to the operations phase in the form of PV power station audits and due diligence investigations.

We provide such services for funding organizations, insurance companies, investors and operators. Photovoltaic audits and due diligence are required when planning to acquire a solar power station, occasionally when an in-service plant is underperforming, when looking to make a warranty claim, and so on.

Cythelia has developed a photovoltaic drone with a built-in high-definition IR camera for pinpointing faults in photovoltaic modules.

Photovoltaic audits include the following processes:

Compliance with standards and best practices

Analysis of production performance against actual weather data

Measurement of current-voltage characteristics

Infrared thermography of distribution boards and modules (handheld camera and drone)

And so on

Examples of photovoltaic audits

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